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Andrea Moore has a background more Kiwi than most. Born in Dunedin, she grew up in towns all over New Zealand before landing in Wellington where, with the help of her family, she opened her first shop in 1999.

7 stores nationwide and a decade in retail later, Moore and business/life partner Brian Molloy have a true appreciation of the events that have shaped their business thus far.

With that in mind, Moore and Molloy have gathered a talented and friendly team around them. "Brian is the business side and I'm the creative side, and neither could do without the other," she says. "We have a close knit group of staff passionate about dressing fascinating women who live their lives to the full."

Since the beginning Brian and I have wanted to establish a strong Brand, offering our customers unique product at the best possible Quality and Price.

The decisions the duo have made over the past 10 years, has seen the Andrea Moore label rise through the ranks to become one of the country's most sought after brands, for its intelligent, Slouchy Elegance and design integrity.

"You won't find much black in our stores or collections, I believe colour gives everyone the ability to truly be an individual," says Andrea. "We often work in millimetres in pursuit of the perfect fitting garment to redefine the body's shape and proportion.

I love this phrase I found whilst researching the Surrealist movement. "Look for the unexpected tension and contrast, find the twist". It explains our design sensibility so well.

All our Prints are designed, considered, Original and Layered. I prefer working in natural fibres like silk cotton and wool.

"When you buy a piece of Andrea Moore clothing you can be sure you are buying from a family business that works very hard to bring you a great choice of clothes."