Sun-Kissed Hair Tips For The Ultimate Beach Waves

If you’re dreaming of salty sea air and tousled beach waves, we’ve got just the tips to help you get there. With a little prep and the right products, you can achieve picture-perfect beach hair that will last all day long. So read on for our top tips on how to get sun-kissed hair that looks like you just stepped off the surfboard.

Ways to get sun-kissed hair without damaging it

  1. Use a leave-in conditioner: Leave-in conditioners can help to protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays and also help keep your locks hydrated and healthy. Look for products with natural oils like coconut, avocado, or argan oil that will provide some extra protection against damage.
  2. Wear a hat: The best way to protect your hair from the sun is to limit exposure as much as possible by covering up when you’re out in the sun. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat or scarf is an easy way to do this and still get that sun-kissed look without sacrificing your hair health!
  3. Opt for natural highlights: If you want to achieve a sun-kissed look without spending hours in the sun, then opt for natural highlights. Use lemon juice or chamomile tea on your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing out. The citric acid in these products will naturally lighten your hair, giving you that beachy vibe.
  4. Use a UV protectant spray: For extra protection against the sun’s rays, consider spritzing some UV protectant spray through your locks before stepping outside. This will create a barrier between your hair and the damaging UV rays, helping to keep it healthy and vibrant while you’re out soaking up some vitamin D!
  5. Regularly deep condition your hair: Deep conditioning can help to nourish and rehydrate your locks, which are both essential for keeping your hair healthy in the sun. Try using a hydrating mask or natural oil once or twice a week to keep your strands looking strong and shiny all summer long!
  6. Avoid tight hairstyles: If you’re planning on spending time in the sun, avoid tight hairstyles such as buns and ponytails that can pull at the scalp and increase breakage. Instead, opt for looser styles like beach waves or messy braids that will give you some extra protection against damage.
  7. Drink plenty of water: Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your hair, so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will help to keep your strands looking healthy and shiny all summer long!

Following these tips will help ensure you get the sun-kissed look without sacrificing the health of your hair. With a little extra love and care, you’ll be rocking beautiful beachy locks in no time!

achieve picture-perfect beach hair

Foilayage hair: the new trend for sun-kissed color

Foilayage hair is the latest trend in sun-kissed color. This technique combines traditional balayage with foiling to create subtle and natural-looking highlights. The achieving a “lived-in” look takes many elements from traditional foil highlights but uses freehand painting techniques to achieve a more dimensional and customized result instead. Foilayage can also be used on all hair types, including curly or textured, for a fuller, more natural effect.

This technique requires experienced hands as it’s quite intricate in its application. During the process of foilayage, your stylist will apply a lightener by hand onto the surface of your hair before wrapping each section in aluminum foil so that the color can process, creating a multi-dimensional effect. Next, each section will be lightened to its desired level and followed with a toner for the perfect hue. In some cases, babylights or balayage may also be applied to create additional depth and dimension in the hair.

Foilayage hair is low maintenance compared to traditional foiling because it requires fewer touch-ups and less upkeep than other highlighting techniques such as ombre or balayage. The look can last up to 12 weeks before needing a touch-up, and the result is always natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights without any harsh lines or demarcation. It’s also kinder on your hair than traditional foil methods since the lightener is not applied directly to the root area, and there isn’t as much heat in processing.

Overall, this technique is a great way to achieve beautiful sun-kissed color without having to spend hours at the salon or using harsh chemicals. So if you’re looking for a more natural look, foilayage may be just the solution you’ve been searching for!

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