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Andrea Moore Denim

"Denim is like a fine wine; it gets better with age. Those marks in your denim? You gotta earn em".

When Andrea first started designing a denim line, she began looking into factories who could distress our denim for us. We love distressed denim here at the workroom, however what we unearthed was the horrible truth of the denim trade. There are whole towns that are devoted to distressing denim, and with the caustic chemicals used to distress the denim, and the materials used to sandblast denim into worn perfection, the impact on both the environment and the workers' health is disastrous.

And so rather than subscribe to the pre-bought distressed denim trend, we've decided to produce our denim safe and clean without distressing, and ask our customers to earn their wear and tear. EARN YOUR DENIM is our denim campaign, designed to celebrate the story that your denim tells as you live in it.

Show us how you wear your Andrea Moore denim! Upload your shots to social media and hashtag #EarnYourDenim

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